Reclaimed Series-WIP -The Shadow Box

With the help of Ken, I was able to build a shadow box for one of the Reclaimed series projects- the crown of the collection. A 1890-1920? era German Stradivarius copy. Beautiful; full of character and signs of being well loved & played. The shadow box is covered in red silk on the inside; the corners filled with re-purposed gold rope from Crown Royal bags. The background is a piece of antique tin ceiling, salvaged from a building renovation in Petoskey, with character all its own. Its looking good so far….I cannot wait to mount it.

I find that I am reclaiming MYSELF as I work on these projects; truly refreshing. Lexi is a huge catalyst for my art. I cant thank her enough.16722856_1849487195318261_855327254714157614_o


Fine Art by Jeremiah Bell

Wish You Were Here-Performance Art concept

Inspired by reading the history of Pink Floyd, and listening to two of their albums with coffee.

Two violins, or guitars. Painted, featuring lyrics and imagery associated with the album Wish You Were Here.

Mount the Instruments on a base(Wood base, with crown molding) .

Light one instrument on fire, mirroring the album artwork from Wish You Were Here.

Photograph the entire process A) During the Making B) Mounted and finished C)During burning D) After Burning

Reclaimed Series idea #2