Playing my newest art guitar in a library/study I hand-built in my sunroom for my fiance and I!

1967 Kingston Swinger Electric Guitar;repainted , added strings, and created a custom pickguard out of a vintage Red vinyl record, with white acrylic accents.





Reclaimed Series-Progress

Working on thinking out of the box. I went for a walk in the woods and found several cool, old items. Old cogs on a bar, a number “10” plaque, cloth measuring tape, door knob and few other things. Today I put together a combination of some of these things, salvaged hardwood flooring, and a old classical guitar. Now to sketch ideas for the rest of the items I  collected. Beer it is.

This is a bad photo….I need to wait to get good photos , good enough to post a full description of the piece that is. This sculpture will be called “10” from here on out. Untill then,


Fine Art by Jeremiah Bell